lewis smith lake alabama

Most Exciting Things in Lewis Smith Lake Alabama That Will Make Your Day

Lewis Smith Lake Alabama is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Since its creation in 1961, this expansive lake has been an interesting spot for outdoor enthusiasts and families. It offers plenty of activities to enjoy year-round. It is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

We have listed the best activities and visiting spots near Lewis Smith Lake Alabama. If you want to visit this lake soon and wish to spend a splendid day, you better check them out.

About Lewis Smith Lake Alabama

Lewis Smith Lake flows through 3 separate counties in Alabama. They are the Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River in Cullman, Walker, and Winston counties. This reservoir has always been a lovely destination for both locals and travelers since its creation in 1961. Initially, the purpose of this lake was to generate hydroelectric power.

Lewis Smith Lake spans over 21,000 acres. It reaches a maximum depth of 264 feet at the Lewis Smith Dam. No wonder it is one of the deepest lakes in Alabama. It draws visitors with its crystal clear waters and breathtaking scenery. That is why it stands out as one of the Southeast’s premier lakes.

Smith Lake is a perfect spot when you either seek exhilarating water sports or serene relaxation. Visitors of all ages can enjoy various activities here. Some of them include boating, fishing, swimming, and jet skiing. In addition, paddleboarding has become a favorite pastime over the years.

lewis smith lake alabama

Things That Will Make Your Day in Lewis Smith Lake Alabama

On average, the water temperature remains at 80 degrees in Smith Lake. This makes it perfect for visiting, regardless of the time. If you are planning on taking a vacation to Smith Lake, the following activities can make it worthwhile.

#1. Rent a Boat 

In Smith Lake, there are approximately 15 boat ramps scattered around. Therefore, it is always easy to explore the lake by boat. If you don’t have your boat, there is no need to worry. You can head to one of the marinas for boat rentals and start exploring. In this case, the Rock Creek Marina and Smith Lake RV & Cabin Resort are worth mentioning.

#2. Rent Paddle Boats for More Fun

Apart from a regular boat, you can soak in the charming beauty of the lake with a paddle boat. This will keep things slow and steady. Therefore, renting a paddle boat is great for a romantic evening cruise or family-friendly race. These boats offer both relaxation and exercise. Plus, you can choose from options with or without sunshades.

#3. Go Fishing

Lewis Smith Lake is teeming with over 70 species of fish. You just need to grab your fishing gear and head to the upper end of the lake. This lake will ensure an adventurous fishing experience.

You can target spotted bass in deep coves or try your luck with fresh trout. More than 50,000 bass can be found in Smith Lake annually. So, your chances of reeling in a big one are high.

#4. Go for Miniature Golf

Smith Lake allows you to take a break from the water. If you are tired of fishing, boating, or swimming, you can enjoy a round of miniature golf. With 18 holes to conquer, it is a fun activity for all ages.

On top of that, there are nearby amenities like picnic tables, playgrounds, and swimming pools. So, you will have a full day of entertainment for the whole family.

#5. Get on the Water

Feel the wind in your hair as you cruise along the tranquil lake. In this case, you can be on a jet ski, speed boat, or pontoon boat. With 10 marinas and public boat launches aplenty, getting on the water is easy.

For rentals, you can check out Cappy’s Boat in nearby Cullman. It offers pontoon boats and all the necessary gear for a safe and thrilling adventure.

#6. Explore Smith Lake Park

Here, you will find a sandy beach, a giant fishing pier, and paddleboard rentals. You can take a dip in the massive swimming pool. You can also challenge your family to a round of mini golf. If that is different from your style, you can stroll along the 3.5-mile walking and biking trail.

Smith Lake Park is a hub of year-round activity. It offers RV hookups, campsites, and cozy cabins available for rent. Overall, there is something to enjoy in this 50-year-old park.

#7. Visit the Smith Lake Dam

It is situated on the Sipsey Fork tributary. Smith Lake Dam is one of the largest rock-filled dams in the eastern US. You can always catch fish out of this dam or soak up the sun on white sandy beaches.

That’s not all! You can explore nearby shops, restaurants, and resorts. You will find a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure at Smith Lake Dam.

#8. Discover the Natural Bridge of Alabama

Venture beyond Smith Lake to explore the fascinating Natural Bridge of Alabama. It is a monument to thousands of years of natural erosion. This 148-foot sandstone stands 60 feet above various footpaths. While exploring this unique natural wonder, you will come across concession stands, scenic trails, and a gift shop.

#9. Grab a Bite

After having good times near the lake, grab a meal. There are locally owned eateries around the lake serving various mouthwatering dishes.

For instance, Brothers on Smith Lake or Trident Marina & Grill are great places to enjoy delicious lakeside cuisine. They serve juicy burgers and fresh fish tacos. Plus, you can appreciate the stunning lake views with waterfront favorites like margaritas and bushwhackers.

#10. See a Concert (If Available)

Sometimes, there are special events and concerts at Smith Lake Park’s performance stage area. So, keep an eye out. Local acts are held from time to time. Plus, they display fireworks on the Fourth of July. Take advantage of the New Year’s Eve party. It can be a memorable way to ring in the new year by the lakeside.

lewis smith lake alabama

Best Places to Explore on Lewis Smith Lake

Now that you have learned some of the best activities to do in Lewis Smith Lake, Alabama, you should check out these best places to visit:

#1. Smith Lake Dam

It is located just outside Cullman County. It is one of the largest earthen dams in the United States. Take advantage of the impressive boat ramp on the other side of the dam.

#2. Smith Lake Park

This vibrant park is the heart of Smith Lake. It is a must-visit destination for all lake enthusiasts. Plus, it hosts numerous tournaments and events throughout the year.

#3. Big Bridge

As County Road 222 crosses Smith Lake, you’ll encounter the iconic Big Bridge. It is a major landmark in the area. Please stop by to admire its grandeur and snap some memorable photos.

#4. Indian Head Rock

It is a popular spot for adventure on the lake. Thrill-seekers won’t want to miss Indian Head Rock. They love climbing up and leaping off this unique cliff formation into the deep waters below.

#5. The Castle

Behold the legendary “Castle” at Smith Lake. It is a massive stone-made, castle-style house that can be seen from miles away. Explore its architectural charm and marvel at its historical attractions.

#6. Smith Lake RV & Cabin Resort

This resort promotes prime lakefrontage and beautiful walking trails. Plus, it offers convenient boat access slips and cozy cabins. It is near Crane Hill, and it is waiting to be discovered.

#7. Rock Creek Marina

It is situated on Rock Creek. This floating store is your go-to for lake essentials. Don’t forget to feed the friendly carp while you are there!

#8. Trident Marina & Grill

Home to the largest marina on the lake, Trident offers boat rentals and hosts monthly concerts on the water. Often, many visitors indulge in delicious lakefront dining at the grill.

#9. Speegle’s Marina & Campground

Enjoy stunning lake views and convenient amenities at this lakeside campground. It is a quintessential stop in the Smith Lake area with a boat dock and more.

#10. Brothers on Smith Lake

It is one of the lake’s favorite dining spots in Lake Smith. Here, you can treat yourself to classic American cuisine and a wide selection of beverages. Plus, enjoy the lively atmosphere at one of the only bars with a variety of drinks.

FAQs on Lewis Smith Lake Alabama

Lewis Smith Lake Alabama is one of the best tourist attractions in the United States. There are many things to do in Alabama Lewis Smith Lake. So, there are many questions about Lewis Smith Lake. Here are some FAQs about Lewis Smith Lake Alabama.

What is Smith Lake known for?

Smith Lake is a popular weekend destination for second-home buyers, boatmen, ski enthusiasts, and fishermen. It is home to various fish species, like largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish.

Is Smith Lake the cleanest lake in Alabama?

Yes, Smith Lake is considered one of the cleanest lakes in Alabama. It provides a rich habitat for native wildlife. Initially, it was proposed for hydroelectric power and as a source of drinking water.

Can you swim in Smith Lake, Alabama?

Absolutely! Smith Lake has 500 miles of shoreline and 21,000 acres of water. Hence, it is suitable for swimming, boating, and other recreational activities.


Lewis Smith Lake Alabama, wait for you for your next vacation destination. Without a doubt, Lewis Smith Lake is Alabama’s premier destination for those seeking relaxation and adventure. It offers wide expanses of water, picturesque landscapes, and plenty of recreational activities.

All in all, Smith Lake truly earns its title as the best Alabama lake to spend a day at. Here, every moment is filled with wonder and joy.

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